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In God's favor, Iran Membrane Technical & Trading Group was founded by some of experts engaged in many kinds of membrane in different   industries. Now, the Group is known in Iran for offering good products with best price and cooperates with different manufacturers in the world.

Our products have application in Medical, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Electronic, Metal, and Food applications and in many more industrial processes, where we always work in close contact with our clients to supply innovative separation solutions.

The Group focused on innovative membrane technology in practical   application and, it is specifically for the needs of industrial & municipal companies and combines many advantages of existing technologies, while limiting the drawbacks.

By our motivated employees and the use of "intelligent" logistics, we supply only the highest quality products and are able to respond quickly and flexibly to our clients' requests.


Our Vision is to become the leading technical and commercial Group for all Membrane applications.


With our 1 decade of research for Know How – Membrane, we help you identify the right product for your specific application by reasonable price


Universities, governmental ministries, organization and offices, private companies, and offices are our customers. Moreover, the Group acts a contractor for big project in Iran. Now, the Group plan to extend its activities to Middle East and try to obtain a good market share.